Sunday, 17 August 2014

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Friday, 15 August 2014

Singham Returns Movie Review

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Sikandar movie review

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Pyaar Mein Padipoyaane movie mini review

 Pyaar mein padipoyaane movie review
Movie Screening in Vijetha Theatre @ 11:00:25...Starring Aadi and Sanvi.
Updated @ 11:05:48
Movie starts with Childhood episodes
Updated @ 11:07:21
First Song "Nuvve...nuvve..."on Screen..Heroine mother died..Aadi introduction.
Updated @ 11:12:30
Aadi introduction song"Chal rey...chal rey....".Sanvi introduction.
Updated @ 11:24:51
Aadi want to make an album...Sanvi joins in aadi music troop....third song "Sara sima...."on the screen.
Updated @ 11:28:10
Vennela Kishore introduction as audio company owner.
Updated @ 11:43:25
Aadi falls in love with sanvi " oh my dear..." song on screen.
Updated @ 11:53:17
Chitti babu and Aadi comedy makes Laugh.....
Updated @ 12:03:42
Sanvi falls in love with Aadi. Title song "Pyyar mein Padipoyaane... on screen.
Updated @ 12:17:55
Aadi knows who is Sanvi....interval bang...Still now movie is nothing good to watch.
Updated @ 12:40:39
Manasaa..naa .... song on screen.
Updated @ 12:47:23
Back to back songs are "Chinna pilla...."song on screen.
Updated @ 12:54:11
Comedian Dastagiri entry....Comedy is good.
Updated @ 13:11:41
Thagubothu Ramesh introduction....
Updated @ 13:24:23
Sanvi knows truth about Aadi...both got breakup.....
Updated @ 13:30:04
Movie reaching climax,..."Nuvve...nuvve..."song on screen.
Updated @ 13:33:48
Happy ending...complete review in short while....